Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yuvraj & Kim getting married?

The rumours are doing the round again - Sources say that besides Salman & Katrina, cricketer Yuvraj Singh and actress Kim Sharma may take the matrimonial plunge later this month. Though Kim Sharma denies the news of her marriage to Yuvraj, even going to the length of saying that Yuvraj is hooked up with someone else. But it's hard to believe, with the number of times the two have been spotted together at various hotspot across the world.
I had myself ran into Yuvraj and Kim entering a 5 star hotel in New Delhi ( if i remember clearly, it was The Grand ) just as we were making our exit after a dinner buffet, and the time was not exactly early - it was well beyond midnight. This was a year back, and since then, they have been in news almost every time the Indian team is taking a break from cricket.

Kim had once got into a famous brawl with fellow actress Shamita Shetty, as the Shetty babe was apparently trying to get too close to Yuvraj, Kim's date for the evening.

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