Saturday, July 21, 2007

Becker at Lord's

A not-too-interested-in-cricket Boris Becker entered the hallowed premises of the Lord's Cricket Ground yesterday, girlfriend Sharlely Lilly Kerssenberg in tow. Replying to questions on cricket, the former tennis star could only mumble the names of Lara and Flintoff to show some degree of knowledge of the game. He and girlfriend Sharley were more focused on the alcohol, downing more than a few glasses of wine.

In progress, at Lord's is the first test match of the current series between India and England. But to the shock and horror of many, Becker after failing to get too excited about the cricket, turned his back to the ground and switched on his TV, and watching some golf instead!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cricket on the moon

Now, isn't that an exciting idea? No shot would be too high for the fielders as they jump up against a gravitational force that's about 16 percent of earth's. Imagine what all Jonty could have done there!

An internet cricket gaming company has just acquired land to build a cricket field on the moon - and that for a mindboggling sum of 25 $ . ( I am already thinking of renting it out for myself for a year or so !!) . Wonder what the valuation of the entire moon is - am quite surprised why Richard Branson hasn't yet bought it out completely? Surely, if that's the price of a cricket field on the moon, the entire moon can't be too expensive for Mr. Virgin.
I hope you aren't getting any ideas for yourself.