Saturday, May 19, 2007

Getting selected into the Delhi cricket team: DDCA style

This story appeared in the Cricinfo, early this year - sometime in February. Don't know how Beyond Cricket missed. Time to make amends:
Step into the Ferozeshah Kotla this week and you will hear the story of how a desperate couple, at their wit's end over how to get their son into an age-group team, came up with a strategy that was as simple as it was smart. Having heard about how a certain selector had made salacious suggestions to the mothers of several young aspirants, they took the man to dinner. Midway, the father got an urgent call and left, asking the lady to drop the selector home. Along the way, she and the selector made a private date and sure enough, soon after she obliged him, the boy made it to the age-group team. Of course, as the selector eventually found out, the woman he had made (and kept) the date with was not the boy's mother; she had been paid to do a job.
The rot in DDCA seems to be complete - no wonder stories of players looking for opportunities beyond Delhi are doing the rounds all the time.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Situation Vacant: Link to the Pak Coach Ad

Click here to see for yourself the advertisement which the PCB put up for the new vacancy which came up after the death of former coach, Bob Woolmer. You can trust the PCB and BCCI to come up with new and newer antics.

Just one hitch - the ad is in Urdu.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Live off your blog

I started blogging a little under a year back, out of fun. Blogging seemed to be an interesting idea - here was a platform to announce your views and opinions to the world, and even get the world to react to it. And, all for free. So far, so good. But wouldn't it be better if we could make some money out of it too? Afterall, I have begun putting in quite a bit of effort into my blogs, and it would be nice if i could get paid for it, like we do for other useful tasks we do.

So, here's a new opportunity to make some real good cash, by writing reviews - tell your readers what you think of a site or a product or a service, and get paid for it. Cool na?
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