Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Oz Spirit of Cricket, my foot

Ain't it funny that of all the people in the world the one are getting the most exasperated with sledging are the Australians? Have Rickey Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and the rest of the kangaroos forgotten about the 'art of mental disintegration'? Now much was said by players on either side in the India-Australia match at Kochi, but the ones complaining at the end were Andrew Symonds, on-field captain Adam Gilchrist and off-field captain Rickey Ponting. Ponting says on the eve of the 3rd ODI that "we will go out and play our best cricket, and leave the talking to the Indians"!! Symonds who was earlier shocked by the celebrations of the Indian team post their Twenty20 win is now worked up by the chatter.
When did the Aussies acquire sainthood? Has the entire country gone through some transformation? Do let the world know clearly so that after following your footsteps in the 'art of mental disintegration' we can now take a leaf out of your 'Spirit of Cricket' book.