Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Homage to Shane Warne

This is a little late in the day, but it's so damn funny and interestingly written that it deserves to be culled out of the archives and presented here:
Source: Top Aussie Guide on Geocities

Shane Warne is a top Aussie. He is also a massive pisstank yobbo with a beer-gut who dyes his hair blonde and drives a red convertible. Warney has done some bad things. He once got paid 100 grand by Nicabate to give up durries for a year but he lit up heaps when he was pissed. Then he took money from some Indian bookmakers for pre-match information. He once smashed a camera cause a kiddy took a photo of his beer gut. Then he got toey on the phone and dirty-talked an English girly who wasn't his wife. However, all Australians agree that Warney can be excused for doing these things cause he spin bowls like a genius and makes England look completely shithouse. Warney could drink all our beer and then spew on our carpet and we wouldn't care as long as he keeps taking wickets.
Warney is a top Aussie.

Warnie, the genius and maverick will be missed. He gave more than just the spin to cricket - he added some much needed colour to the game. Freddie is showing some sparks, let's see if he can do more Warnies in the future.

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