Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Mickey Arthur speaks too many lies."

Andre Nel is in the South Africa Twenty20 World Cup Team now, replacing openin batsman Loots Bosman. The reason given for the change is a back injury sustained by Bosman from which he has not yet fully recovered. But Bosman isn't too sure.....

Bosman is reported to have said that one specialist told him he is fit to play while the CSA doctor ruled him out of the T20 World Cup and he finds the decision of the CSA specialist 'suspicious'. What had made matters worse for Bosman are his comments over coach Mickey Arthur. "I am sick of lies.", said Bosman adding that Arthur tells too many lies.

Not too surprisingly Bosman is in the middle of lots of official trouble now. Cricket South Africa (CSA) said on Wednesday that Bosman will appear before CSA's Disciplinary Commissioner, Michael Kuper SC, to face charges of breaching CSA's rules and code of conduct.

What is funny is Bosman's replacement: Andre Nel. While Bosman may have privately said something nasty about a couple of folks, Mr. Nel hurls abuses and looks worse right in the middle of the cricket park. If Bosman is being accused of bring the game into 'disrepute', Nel has been far worse.

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