Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bullet-Proofed Fire Trap for the Cairns

Chris Cairns and wife Carin
Kiwi all-rounder Chris Cairns family had a narrow escape early this month when a fire broke out in their luxury home in the Netherlands. While Chris himself was away in London, his South African wife Carin and his two sons, Bram and Thomas struggled to make their way out of their bullet-proofed home as smoke and fire engulfed them. ( I wonder why Chris Cairns needed bullet-proof safety for his family)

Mrs. Cairns tried valiantly to break one of the glass windows to escape and get some much needed air, but the extra-secure windows were too tough to be broken. Carin said she kept thinking of Chris all the while - "only if he had been there with her, he could have broken the window with his hard hitting cricket bat". It was Chris itself who came to the rescue - having got to know of the incident on the phone, he was able to call up the Dutch Fire Brigade, who arrived on time to rescue the Cairns.

Wonder what Cairns is doing in the Netherlands with all that bullet-proof stuff? Isn't the Indian Cricket League calling him!!

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