Thursday, May 03, 2007

Live off your blog

I started blogging a little under a year back, out of fun. Blogging seemed to be an interesting idea - here was a platform to announce your views and opinions to the world, and even get the world to react to it. And, all for free. So far, so good. But wouldn't it be better if we could make some money out of it too? Afterall, I have begun putting in quite a bit of effort into my blogs, and it would be nice if i could get paid for it, like we do for other useful tasks we do.

So, here's a new opportunity to make some real good cash, by writing reviews - tell your readers what you think of a site or a product or a service, and get paid for it. Cool na?
is one great platform for bloggers like you and me to monetize our efforts. And it's pretty simple too. These guys were quick to approve my blog - about a day only, and then it's upto you to choose to do the reviews that you want. And don't forget to thank me, if you end up making a neat sum at Bloggerwave. Cheers!

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