Wednesday, November 01, 2006


One-day cricket can sometimes get predictible and boring.. was watching this otherwise very interesting encounter between Australia and Newzealand, when i thought of adding a little more fun to life. Also started doing some googling for things just beyond cricket. keywords: cricketer's wives, cricket girls, hot cricket et al. Some interesting findings:

Pic on left: Will discovers Graeme Smith's "bit-on-the-side" Minki van der Westhuizen. ( ). Stick Cricket thinks she is every cricket fan's dream women. What do u think?

Remember Craig Mc Dermott? The ex-cricketer is in the midst of a "sex tape blackmail". Poor guy had to recently shell out Aus$40,000 to stop an intimate film invloving him and wife from being put on the web.

Report at

Security staff at NZ cricket grounds to stop women kissing each other in the crowd. No same sex kisses in cricket please, it's a gentleman's game !!

Focus: The cricketers' wives
Do they live in huge houses and guzzle bubbly like the women of football? Emma John reveals the secret home lives of England's Ashes heroes
Published: 04 September 2005
They're young, rich, and talented, and as they stand on the brink of a historic Ashes victory, the nation's eyes are focused on nobody else..... you can read the full article at

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